Author’s Atlas to the Rescue!

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To tell you a bit about myself, my name is Mel Jolly and I’ve been an Author’s Assistant since 2009. Awhile ago, I reluctantly came to the realization that I could not possibly take on all the authors that were in need of an Author’s Assistant. Believe me, it was difficult to admit, but eventually I started running out of hours in the day! Even thought I can’t work with everyone, I still wanted to find a way to help everyone!

Let’s face it; hiring a stranger online is STRESSFUL, but as an author you need help. You could spend all day every day working on the business side of being an author and never write a single word. Whether you are self-publishing or going with a traditional publisher, an extra set of hands could be a lifesaver. Still, how do you decide which freelancers to hire? After years of watching authors struggle with hiring decisions, one fact became apparent:

Authors are an open crowd and great at sharing information and offering personal recommendations.

The only problem was that there wasn’t one location where all those personal recommendations could be stored and organized. Thus began Author’s Atlas, a place to read reviews and rate the publishing freelancers and providers who handle editing, cover art, P.R., graphic and web design, book trailers, and much more!

Author’s Atlas is completely free.

You can browse the website and read reviews without signing up for a membership at all.

If you would like to save your favorites, use the project management tool, or leave a review, you can do that with the completely free membership.

If you have questions, be sure to let me know! You can email me here. Or, you can connect with me on Facebook and Twitter. Lastly, while I’ve got your attention, I want to let you know that I’ve got a newsletter where I share tips and tricks that I’ve learned during my years in the industry. You can sign up for it here.

Thanks for visiting and best of luck in your career!

Mel Jolly