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Establishing a Successful Author—Editor Relationship: Guest Post by Anita Mumm

Category: Career, Outsourcing

Posted by: Mel Jolly

This week, I’ve asked Anita Mumm of Mumm’s the Word Editing & Critique Services to give us some insights on hiring an editor. Anita’s got some great tips below to help you find the right person to work on your baby… I mean, your book! *** Thank you so much for having me, Melissa! Author’s […] (Read more)
Jun 24

How to Hire An Author Assistant: The Quick and Easy Guide

Category: Career, Outsourcing, Promotion, Survival

Posted by: Mel Jolly

I’ve been an Author’s Assistant for over five years and if there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that I help my authors. I had one client tell me that she might literally die without my assistance. That’s definitely an exaggeration, but what I’m saying is that hiring an assistant can be a lifesaver!  […] (Read more)
Jan 25

Conference Cutlets: Planning Tips from Melonie Johnson and Erin Brambilla

Category: Career

Posted by: Mel Jolly

This week, I’ve asked Melonie Johnson and Erin Brambilla, two of the very talented worker bees behind the 2014 Chicago North Spring Fling Conference, to talk about conference planning. In April, I presented a workshop at Spring Fling and I was incredibly impressed with the conference. They had amazing keynote speakers, informative workshops, and a […] (Read more)
Nov 25

Stop, Collaborate and Listen: Merry Farmer on Author Networking

Category: Career, Platform, Promotion, Survival

Posted by: Mel Jolly

Please welcome award-winning author Merry Farmer to Author’s Atlas. Merry and I became friends during a chance meeting at the Chicago North RWA Conference and we’ve stayed in touch ever since. I asked Merry to come the blog and discuss her experience with self-publishing. Enjoy! *** Okay, I’ve got bad news for you. It’s actually […] (Read more)
Oct 29

Craft and Characters: Interview with Kristan Higgins

Category: Craft, Platform

Posted by: Mel Jolly

Today, I’m interviewing SUPER-GENIUS Kristan Higgins! I truly admire Kristan’s ability to create meaningful and entertaining stories with characters that stay with me long after I’ve finished reading the book. In this interview, I attempt to get inside her enormously talented brain. Enjoy!  Kristan Higgins is the New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author of more than a […] (Read more)
Oct 27

Being a Fast Writer: Interview with Author Sarah M. Anderson

Category: Craft, Survival

Posted by: Mel Jolly

Today, I’m interviewing award-winning author Sarah M. Anderson about how the heck she’s able be such a fast writer! Award-winning author Sarah M. Anderson may live east of the Mississippi River, but her heart lies out west on the Great Plains. She loves to put people from two different worlds into new situations and to […] (Read more)
Oct 24

Writing Craft Book: 2K to 10K by Rachel Aaron

Category: Craft

Posted by: Mel Jolly

I just read Rachel Aaron’s 2K TO 10K: WRITING FASTER, WRITING BETTER, AND WRITING MORE OF WHAT YOU LOVE. Several authors had recommended this book to me and let me tell you, it’s worth way more than the $0.99 I paid for it! Rachel covers a wide variety of topics from plotting to writing to editing, […] (Read more)
Oct 22

5 Quick Tips to Improve Productivity and Focus

Category: Survival

Posted by: Mel Jolly

Like most people, I have a difficult time focusing on the task at hand and I’m easily distracted by other ways to be productive. If you’re like me, you might need a few  “hacks” to help you stay focused. What Will You Miss? Think about what you’ll be missing later if you don’t finish your […] (Read more)
Sep 29

How to Start Your Author Newsletter in 8 Easy Steps

Category: Platform, Promotion

Posted by: Mel Jolly

At the conferences I’ve attended, in blog posts I’ve read, and on podcasts I listen to (like the Self-Publishing Round Table), I’ve heard over and over that having a mailing list is absolutely vital for selling books.  Chances are, you’ve heard this same advice, so you might be wondering, HOW do I set up a […] (Read more)
Sep 22

Author 101: The 6 Basic Categories of Your Author Education

Category: Career, Craft, Outsourcing, Platform, Promotion, Research, Survival

Posted by: Mel Jolly

Authors are awesome at sharing what they know! There is an absolute wealth of information available online and elsewhere to teach you everything you need to know about being an author. You can attend conferences, sign up for webinars, take classes, and read blogs.  You can learn from other authors through social media, critique groups, […] (Read more)
Sep 15