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Author Sidekick LLC

Category: Author's Assistants, Ghostwriting, Social Media, Web Designers, Publicity/Marketing, Blog Tours, Promotion, Proofreaders


Author Sidekick LLC is a virtual assistant service that caters specifically to authors. We offer social media management, publicity assistance, self-publishing support, administration and bookkeeping, query assistance, and much, much more. Jan Lewis is the owner of Author Sidekick LLC and a full-time Author’s Assistant. She has over 15 years of administrative experience and offers […]

West of Mars

Category: Promotion, Formatting Services, Editors, Ghostwriting

Location: Susan Helene Gottfried

​Lisa Costantino

Category: Ghostwriting, Proofreaders, Editors


Lucky Bat Books

Category: Ghostwriting, Web Designers, Publicity/Marketing, Proofreaders, Formatting Services, Design for Print, Cover Artists, Editors

Location: Judith Harlan & Cindie Geddes

Ghostwriter Extraordinaire

Category: Ghostwriting, Distribution, Book Trailers, Formatting Services, Cover Artists, Editors


Short Girl, Inc.

Category: Author's Assistants, Proofreaders, Ghostwriting

Location: 18 Three Pence Lane Charleston, SC 29414

A wise man once said of most writers: they’re good, fast, or nice–and usually two out of three is as good as it gets. With Short Girl., you’ll get the full package. High quality, quick turnaround, and an attitude that makes you want to come back for more (instead of running in shame at the […]

My Author Concierge

Category: Formatting Services, Author's Assistants, Editors, Proofreaders, Promotion, Blog Tours, Ghostwriting, Social Media, Writing Organizations, Web Designers, Swag, Publicity/Marketing, Conferences, Book Trailers

Location: Jacksonville, FL

My Author Concierge offers a vast array of marketing, editorial, technical and administrative support services designed to meet the individualized needs of authors, both published and pre-published.

Author Rx

Category: Ghostwriting, Social Media, Web Designers, Publicity/Marketing, Beta Readers, Author's Assistants, Design for Print, Editors

Location: PO Box 932 Taylorsville, NC 28681

Have you reached the point in your career where you find it impossible to keep up with your book deadlines, fan mail, speaking engagements, blog interviews, emails, and social networking? Every time you sit down to write, do you end up spending more time checking your email than writing? If so, then it’s time to […]

Category: Ghostwriting, Author's Assistants

Location: Heather Larson

Sherri Rosen Publicity

Category: Publicity/Marketing, Blog Tours, Ghostwriting