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PO Box 771602 Cleveland, Ohio

About the Business

Thunder & Lights Productions offers the following services for authors:

*Smart, affordable book trailers for authors on a budget.
*Creation of electronic promotional materials and memes for social media and any promotional event.
*Beta reading and critiques services
*Social media management services

Our Services

At Thunder & Lights Productions I'm an author too so I understand the needs of the industry in today's publishing market. With over 10 years of experience as a virtual assistant, Thunder & Lights provides the following services: Smart, affordable book trailers for authors on a budget; Select promotional materials for social media and author events, including but not limited to, memes, bookmarks, business cards, postcards, social media toppers and banners; Beta reading/critique services at competitive prices. Bestselling authors know the benefits of a second set of eyes; Social media management services targeting Twitter; Regular posting of blogs; Creation of newsletters via mailchimp; and various other author support services as needs may arise. Email me today for a quote

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Becky Lower


Would you recommend this Freelancer or Provider to a friend? Yes

Estimated Date of Service:August, 2016

What service or product did you purchase?Electronic promotional materials

Was the project completed within the agreed upon time frame? Yes

Would you consider the price you paid to be fair given the quality of work you received?Yes

What were the most positive points of your experience? Even if your overall experience was negative, was there anything the Publishing Freelancer or Provider did that went well?

Your thoughts about the work provided to you: I had a group of quotes put together into promotional materials. Thunder and Light found appropriate photos to use and provided a variety of formats for me. I'm extremely pleased with the results. The listing mechanism on this page wouldn't let me give this company the 5-star rating it deserves.

  • Fees 5/5
  • Quality 5/5
  • Professionalism 5/5

August 19th 2016, 12:22 pm

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