Is Author’s Atlas really free?

Yes!  You can view the database of Publishing Professionals and read reviews without even signing up for a membership.  However, if you do sign up for the completely free membership, you’ll be able to:

  • Leave Reviews
  • Add Freelancers to the Database
  • Save Favorites
  • Utilize the MY PROJECTS Feature


Help! I made a mistake on a review.

Don’t worry!  You can EDIT YOUR REVIEWS by going to My Account. You recent reviews will be on that page.  Click on any of them and then click “edit review.”  If you’re still having problems, email support@authorsatlas.com.

I’m having trouble signing in.

Click here to reset your password
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Still have a question? Contact us!

Contact Us:
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What are your guidelines for reviews?

Our official Review Guidelines can be found in our Terms of Service.
The bottom line is this: behave like a grown up. We want an atmosphere of educated, informed authors making solid decisions to better their career. We do not want a bunch of dirt slinging, so just don’t do it. If the work provided was poor, say so but don’t be a jerk about it. You’re authors. Ever heard of review karma?

How do I participate in the discussion group?

Just create a completely FREE Author’s Atlas membership here. You’ll be able to reply to messages in the discussion forum.

I am a business owner. Can I list my business?


  1. Go to Publishing Professional Registration and create your username
  2. Search for your business name
  3. Click “claim profile” 
Why do you allow negative reviews?

We want you to be able to make informed decisions. This means we have to allow honest reviews, both negative and positive. We provide questions during the review submission process to help ensure the review focuses on the work provided. We also remind the reviewer to list any positive points even in an overall negative experience. Provided a review meets our “review guidelines,” meaning the review addresses the work provided and is not a personal attack, it will be kept on Author’s Atlas even if it is a negative review. We will do our best to limit profanity and unprofessional behavior on this site. If a submitted review does not meet our review guidelines, the reviewer will be notified.

How do I decide which Publishing Freelancer or Provider to hire?

Do your research! We’re advocates of making informed decisions, hence the birth of Author’s Atlas! Read reviews, look at ratings, contact the Publishing Professionals and ask for estimates. If you would like more feedback than the reviews provide, ask a question in the discussion forum.

How do the reviews get there?

These reviews are written by authors like you. We do not allow anonymous reviews on Author’s Atlas, so reviews are provided by registered members.

Will more categories be added in the future?

Absolutely! This is a growing database. If you have suggestions for additional categories, feel free to let let us know.

What services are reviewed on Author’s Atlas?

You can find the full list of services here.  Essentially, our goal is to include every service an author might need.  If you feel something is missing, please let us know.

How do Publishing Freelancers and Providers get added to Author’s Atlas?

Publishing Freelancers and Providers (Publishing Professionals) may be added to the database in one of three ways:

  • By an author who wishes to submit a review
  • By Author’s Atlas
  • By creating their own profile

Are you a freelancer or business owner?  You can create your profile for free!  Start here.