Mel Jolly has spoken at writers’ meetings and national conferences.  Please email Melissa to inquire about availability and custom workshops.


Overcome Social Media Overload Handout – Gulf Coast RWA 2015

Apps, Filing, and Hiring: Tools and Tricks of the Sane – full handout

Know Your Industry Handout – RWA 2014


Previous Events:

July 2013
RWA National Conference 2013
Atlanta, GA

January 2014
Lowcountry Romance Writers
Charleston, SC

March 2014
Central Ohio Fiction Writers
Columbus, OH

April 2014
Chicago North Spring Fling
Chicago, IL

July 2014
RWA National Conference
San Antonio, TX

October 2014
Central Ohio Fiction Writers Conference
Columbus, OH

January 2014
Charlotte Romance Writers
Charlotte, NC

March 2015
NOLA Written in the Stars (RWA) Conference
Shreveport, LA

Upcoming Events:



“Melissa’s workshop “Know Your Industry From the Outside In” was a perfect kickoff  workshop for 2014 for LowcountryRWA. She infused her presentation with her down to earth humor to keep the group’s interest. Her segment on RSS feeds gave us an insight into that blurry world and how to use the tool efficiently. Melissa provided us with tips on using Facebook, Twitter, Groups & Loops to help us to deal with social media more efficiently. This workshop is one every writer regardless of their stage of writing and publishing should experience!” – Ann Chaney | Lowcountry Romance Writers


Know Your Industry: From the Outside In

Ever wonder how you can go from a complete publishing industry outsider to someone able to talk about all the major industry news and trends? It’s easier than it sounds and you can do it only 30 minutes a day! Learn how you can keep up with the industry while still hanging on to your sanity.

Apps, Filing and Hiring: Tools and Tricks of the Sane

From applications for project and time management to organization tips to hiring contractors, this is the workshop that will teach you to get the most out of your time.

Expand Your Audience: How to Add “Speaker” to Your Resume

You don’t have to be a NYT bestseller to have something useful to say. Learn how to find your ideal audience, craft your pitch, book an event from start to finish, and become a calm, cool and collected speaker.